Sunday, 2 August 2009

counting down the months

Well, I've got a basic website sorted and have sorted out the basic scenario of when and where I'll be cycling and for what purpose -

Just been googling some blogs of people cycling the pan-american highway from Alaska down south. Huge variety of different people and families, with widely different reasons and motivations for wanting to spend 2 years or so in the saddle. I'm incredibly envious that they're out there and I'm not, but I'll bide my time, save my money and learn from their experiences. Haven't heard too many stories of bad experiences, just the odd mugging and theft but seems to be few and far between. I've noticed before in many of these blogs and the books I've read that the overwhelming experience of anywhere south of the Mexican border is the amazing hospitality and kindness that travellers receive from local people. As someone steeped in western traditions I'm quite staggered by the stories of cyclists and trekkers being taken into peoples homes, fed, watered, given a bed and waved off in the morning, and this from people who have only ever had a minute fraction of the wealth and trappings that we have. Really does make you think about the western way of life and our suspicious nature of any travellers and foreign visitors.

Looking at some of the current blogs I'm definitely going to have to buy a better camera, some of the photography is very professional! Another expense to add to the list.

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